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Little Amenities To Add To Your Ranch Retreat Cabins

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There's something uniquely relaxing about retreating to a quiet country ranch for a weekend or a week break. If you run a cabin ranch retreat, then you've probably realized by now that there's no shortage of customers. But what can you do to make the cabins at your retreat even more comfortable and amenable for them? Chances are, you don't need to do any major remodeling or make any drastic updates. Just a few simple added amenities can make your retreat cabins more homey and satisfying.

Boot Scrubbers

Your visitors are probably spending at least a few hours a day out walking or riding horses at your ranch. When they return back to the cabin, what do they do with their boots? If you put a boot scrubber outside every cabin door, they'll be able to adequately wipe off their boots and bring them inside. Boot scrubbers usually have some nylon or rubber brushes in a center portion. The user sticks one foot in the scrubber, moves it back and forth, and pulls their foot out sporting a clean boot.

Fire Rings

Many of your visitors probably want to have campfires by their cabins at night, but in a ranch setting with all the hay and straw, you need to make sure they do this in a safe way. If you provide a fire ring outside each cabin, your guests will have a safe place to have a fire. You may want to provide a stack of firewood, too. 

Bunk Beds

If the bunks in your retreat cabins are not bunkable, consider upgrading to beds that can be stacked as bunks. You can set them up as bunks and let guests unstack them if they would like. There is just something special about staying in a bunk bed that makes the cabin experience feel that much more rustic and relaxing. This may also help you attract more families with kids to your ranch if that's a goal of yours. Kids tend to find bunk beds exciting.

Books About Country Themes

Many guests visiting your ranch retreat may be trying to take a break from technology. They'll want a way to entertain themselves while in their cabins at night. Providing a good selection of books is a nice gesture. Look for books with country, ranch-type themes to fit your space.

If you add these little amenities to your country cabins, guests are sure to be pleased.