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Booking A Snorkel Cruise As A Non-Swimmer

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If you don't know how to swim, or you don't know how to swim very well, you may initially have trouble booking water-related activities while on vacation. You may not feel comfortable, for example, on kayaking trips on remote lakes or on scuba diving adventures. One water-related activity you should be able to complete is snorkeling. Most snorkeling adventures take place in relatively shallow water, where you don't actually have to swim. Non-swimmers tend to feel quite comfortable on snorkeling tours, but there are still a few tips you may want to follow when booking.

1. Look for a private cruise.

If you have the choice between a big, group cruise and a small, private cruise, always go with the private one. When it is just you and your travel companions alongside the snorkeling guide, the guide can stick to more shallow water, and they can take more time to accommodate you as a non-swimmer. If you're about to head into an area that's too deep for you, it's easier to request that you stay in shallow water on a private cruise than it is with 30 other participants alongside you.

2. Ask about the boat ride.

Even though snorkeling usually takes place in shallow water, most snorkeling tours also include a boat ride. As a non-swimmer, it is a good idea to look into this boat ride. You may want to make sure it takes place in an enclosed boat and not on a raft. You may also want to check that you're provided life preservers to wear on the boat, just for an extra bit of safety.

3. Let the tour group know ahead of time that you are a non-swimmer.

Although most snorkeling tours are completely okay for non-swimmers, it is still a good idea to reach out to the tour group and let them know you're a non-swimmer. You can do this before or after you book. This way, the guide will know about your abilities in advance, and they may, as a result, choose a different place to snorkel or a different route to take. They will also know to check in with you throughout the snorkeling experience and make sure you're feeling comfortable.

Snorkeling is one of the few water activities that you can participate in and love without knowing how to swim. Book your private snorkel cruise today, and look forward to a lovely time in and under the water.