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4 Tips For Finding The Right Vacation Rental

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When it comes to getting away and taking a vacation, it can feel wonderful to rent a home instead of staying in a hotel. Renting a home allows you to get away from your own home, go somewhere new, and still enjoy a degree of privacy and freedom you can't get with a motel. When it comes to renting a vacation home or a vacation cabin, you want to find the perfect rental for your dream vacation.

Tip #1: Have Some Flexibility with Scheduling

First, having some flexibility with your schedule can really help you find the right vacation property to rent.

If you only can go on a vacation during a specific week, you are going to be limited to houses that have availability for that specific week. Instead, if you can go on vacation any time in July, for example, you can choose the house you like, and book that home when it is available. Being able to book a home when it is available will allow you to score a vacation home that you like.

Tip #2: Look on Multiple Sites

Second, you are going to want to look for a vacation rental on multiple sites. Don't just search one site. If you know the neighborhood or town where you want to vacation, look at a few different vacation rental sites. Be sure to look at sites that allow people to post from all over the United States, as well as location-specific vacation sites.

This will allow you to explore all the listings in the area and increase the chance you will find the perfect vacation cabin for your next getaway.

Tip #3: Avoid Super Touristy Areas

If you are trying to ensure your vacation is affordable, you will want to avoid going to super touristy areas. If you go to a well-known tourist area, you will pay a markup for the property. Renting right outside a tourist hotspot, instead of directly inside of it, is a great way to rent a home and save a little money at the same time. Also, you can often get a larger home or a nicer vacation rental by renting right outside the touristy area.

Tip #4: Know What You Want

Finally, this is a vacation. You don't have to rent the simplest house out there. This is when you should splurge on the features you want. Do you want a big patio where you can relax and barbeque? Do you want to soak in a hot tub? Do you want to be able to walk to the river? Do you want to soak in a tub? Think about the features you want in a home that you don't have already, and look for those features in a vacation rental.

When it comes to getting the best possible vacation rental, it helps to have an open schedule, look at multiple sites, avoid super touristy areas, and know what you want in your rental home. These four things will help you choose the best possible vacation home that meets your needs.