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Why It's Important To Stay In Line During A Segway Tour

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Before your Segway tour sets off to enjoy the sights, your tour guide will provide a series of instructions that you'll want to follow for the entirety of the excursion. One rule that you'll likely hear is to stay in line as you travel. While there might be an opportunity to spread out a little when you reach certain destinations, your guide will often ask that you travel single file. If you're eager to get riding your Segway and aren't necessarily focused on hearing the rules, this is one that you should follow. Here are some reasons why.

Taking Up Minimal Space

It's common for Segway tours to occur where there's a lot of pedestrian traffic — after all, if you're checking out visually appealing areas, there's a good chance that a number of other people are, too. If your Segway tour were to move along in a large pack, it would be monopolizing the sidewalk. Pedestrians would likely have to move out of your way, which isn't ideal. When your group travels in single file, however, it will take up a minimal amount of space. This means that the tour participants will be able to share the space with those on foot.

Following Other Riders' Angles

If you're new to riding a Segway, one of the challenges that you'll face is turning. You turn, in part, by leaning your body, but you don't want to lean too little or too much. When you travel in a pack, you may find yourself lurching left and right as you get accustomed to turning. However, when you fall in line, you can watch the degree to which the riders in front of you leans. This behavior will then be easy to follow, allowing you to turn smoothly.

Setting A Good Example

Although you may find yourself at the front of the line or the end of the line, the odds are good that you'll probably end up somewhere in the middle of the group. While you'll rely on the body movements of the riders in front of you to help teach you how to control your Segway, it's also important to realize that the riders behind you will be watching you. Staying in line sets a good example for those in the rear of the group. As you remain in place, they'll be less likely to pull out and travel in a haphazard manner, thus breaking the rules that your guide set for the group early on.

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