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Full-Size Charter vs. Minibus: Which One Is Ideal?

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Charter services for group travel come with two primary options; a full-size bus or a minibus. While the sizes of these two vehicles are different, there are also differences when it comes to their features. As a result, there are instances when a standard charter bus makes sense and other times when a minibus is more practical.


Find out how large your travel group is. If you need space to accommodate about 25 or fewer people, you might be able to get by with a minibus. However, if you need to transport more than 25 adults, then a full-size charter bus is definitely the way that you want to go to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Keep in mind that if you are transporting children and a few adult chaperones and you are closer to the 25 number, you might still be comfortable on a minibus. 


How far you are traveling might supersede the importance of the number of people that are traveling when it comes to choosing a bus size. As a general rule, if it's a local trip and you don't have a large group, a minibus works. On the other hand, anytime you travel outside the city limits, a large charter bus is always the way to go. The convenience of a lavatory, more space, and entertainment features like televisions are standard on full-size buses and are great for long-distance travel. 


Will anyone on the bus have bags they need to store? A charter bus is the best option in this instance. Consider a day trip to the beach for about 25 people, for instance. While the group is small, each person will probably have a small bag with their swimwear, towels, a change of clothes, and other gear. A larger bus with storage at the bottom would be more accommodating. Some minibuses have overhead storage, but it's often limited. 


If you have anyone in your party that requires wheelchair accommodations, you should probably veer towards the side of a standard charter. All charter bus companies are required to provide Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, accommodations. However, because minibuses are already fairly small, those accommodations are typically reserved for larger fleets.

If you still have questions about which bus option is best for your journey, the charter company can help. Write down some of the important aspects of your trip and group and the driver will be able to tell you which option is most ideal.

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