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Hosting a Wedding in a Hotel Conference Room? Four Way to Add Romance

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A wedding ceremony or reception in a hotel conference room can be a magical event. While the conference room itself may not appear to be very romantic at first glance, with a little creativity it could be an amazing venue. Here are a few ways to make it more romantic.

1. Use Special Lighting - Standard overhead lighting is designed for easy viewing, but it's not very romantic or intimate. Instead of relying on this lighting, lower the overhead lights and fill the room with alternate lighting choices. It could include soft candles clustered around the room or lanterns in the table centerpieces. Use string lights to create a fairy tale effect or add colored uplights along the walls to camouflage them. Want to add some fun? Hang a disco ball over the dance floor or a chandelier over the sweetheart table. 

2. Introduce Color - Liven up the room from a neutral palette to a more colorful setup that reflects your wedding scheme. Color comes from a variety of sources, including traditional bunting and tulle as well as colorful flowers and tablecloths. If the conference room is large, you may want to use bolder hues or a larger cluster of colored decorations. You really can't get enough of your signature colors when decorating a basic conference room. 

3. Go Big - Centerpieces and other decorations should be scaled up to create a more visually striking decor. This is the time to go for larger individual blooms and tall centerpieces that will create focal points. Use big, draping swaths of fabric and place them strategically to offset the neutral vibe that is inherent in most conference rooms. Hang lanterns or greenery from the ceiling if possible. If that won't work, consider hanging items from the walls to make the space feel more cozy.

4. Add Layers - Layers soften any harsh angles and flat surfaces in the room. Layer tablecloths for a multicolored and textured effect. Add a runner for the aisle and even throw rugs in conversation lounges. Use different textures and layers for the table decor, including centerpieces. Cover chairs with traditional neutral covers and then add twine or silk ribbons on top of that. The more you can create a layered look, the more intimate things will feel.

No matter how you decorate to create a romantic mood, your conference room venue will become more magical. Then this budget-friendly wedding venue will be the location of the wedding of your dreams.