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Are You Planning A Christmastime Wedding?

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Is your daughter getting married during the Christmas holidays? Perhaps you are the one who is getting married during this festive time of year. No matter the circumstances, since the Christmas holidays will be here very soon, you are probably very busy planning every detail of the wedding and the wedding reception. From selecting a place for the ceremony to take place to hiring caterers, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Marriage Ceremony: Are you planning the wedding ceremony to take place in a church? If not, perhaps you have chosen somewhere like your home living room for the ceremony to take place. Because you are limited on time, it's probably an excellent idea to contact the individual whom you want to perform the ceremony as soon as possible. Be sure that he or she is available on the date you have selected for the wedding. If he or she is not available, think of asking him or her to refer you to another person who is authorized to perform weddings. Whether you are having the ceremony in a church, in your backyard, or anywhere else, think of decorating with a Christmas theme. For example, if the marriage will take place in a church, use holly, red and green ribbons, and candles for the altar decoration. Or you might be lucky enough to find that the church is already decorated for the holidays. If you are having the wedding ceremony at your home, decide whether you want an elegant setting or a more casual one. For an elegant mood, consider using angels and candles for the table decorations. For a more casual mood, consider something like snowmen or Santas to add to the festive mood.

The Wedding Reception: Have you considered having the wedding reception at a hotel? If you are planning an intimate wedding, think of finding a hotel that has small rooms that can be rented for your wedding reception. If the wedding will be attended by many people, the hotel will more than likely have a large room in which to hold the event. No matter how many guests will be at the wedding reception, consider having the meal catered. Caterers will have the experience to help you to decide on a menu. Consider whether you want a seated dinner with place cards or a buffet-style dinner where people can sit anywhere they want to. 

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