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Do You Want To Take A Wine Tour? Check Out These Lesser Known Areas In The United States

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For the most part, Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in California are the popular destinations to head to when wanting to visit wineries within the United States. The majority of the wine sold in the country does come from this region but there are not as well known markets that are producing delicious wine too.

Are you looking to take a wine tour? Then you should check out these lesser-known areas in the United States.

Head to Verde Valley, Arizona

When most people think of Arizona, they think of a desert landscape and sandstorms. However, the climate and elevation of the state make it a good climate to grow the right kind of grapes to make delicious wine. Arizona does get enough rain in late summer to help the grapes grow and it does cool down enough to produce great tasting wine.

Herde Valley is also close to Sedona where you can take a peek at the gorgeous red rocks or visit one of the region's popular and famous spas. You will also not be far from the world famous Grand Canyon so you could make a visit there after you indulge in a wine tour.

Check Out Finger Lakes, New York

If you are planning a trip to New York City in the coming months but also would like to visit a winery during your trip, then you should check out Finger Lake, New York. Finger Lake is located not too far away from New York City and the region has become known for making top-level Pinot Noir. The summers here tend to be cooler so it makes for a pleasant visit to the area.

The Texas High Plains, Texas

Texas is known for doing everything big, and along with that, it provides some great tasting wines. The climate here produces similar vintages to those found in Portugal or Spain because its climate is warmer and of a higher elevation. The region is located in the panhandle of Texas and if you are looking for a wine tour that can rival Europe's within the United States, this is one of your best bets.

Head to Naches Heights, Washington

Washington is a beautiful state with gorgeous mountains and on the coast, wonderful views of the ocean. The state produces top-quality wine as well and Naches Heights is a must visit for any wine lover. Naches Heights is located on the world's largest Andesite lava flow and this helps wineries produce some very interesting and delicious wines.  

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